Patient Stories

patient1Our journey of hearing loss began on May 16, 2010, with the birth of our lovely daughter, Sophia Loren. We experienced a very traumatic birth with her and consider her our “miracle”. As we were leaving the hospital we were presented with the paperwork that informed us of her not passing two newborn hearing screenings and to follow-up with doctors to perform ABR tests to confirm her hearing loss. After receiving this news, we considered that somehow we had failed as parents or somehow had done something wrong in some way. You are just never ever really prepared for situations such as this. We spent the first 3 years working with Sophia and wondering what the fate would be for our little girl. It was at that point that we connected with Integris Cochlear Implant Clinic through Sooner Start. It was such a relief and a joy as we have all worked tirelessly with Sophia from the time we first arrived and she was wearing hearing aids, up until this present moment since she has been implanted with Cochlear Implants approximately 2 years ago.

When the decision was presented to us about implanting Sophia with Cochlear Implants it was a very scary and difficult decision. We were so glad that we could rely on the knowledge of the staff to answer all of our “difficult” questions that we had to help put our mind at ease. I still remember the words that were spoken to us as we were making our decision “Remember, sooner is always better than later”. That could not have been more true. I just cannot say enough of how helpful the staff has been and really taking the time to explain every piece of the process from billing, to audiology/booth testing, and speech therapy as we embark on the Listening and Spoken Language path along with Sophia.

It has been a mixed bag of emotions: exciting, surprising and challenging but with our “2nd Family” at the clinic we have been able to maneuver through this process with more ease. Our entire family of 6 has been involved and always welcomed. We have all learned so much from our weekly appointments. In these 3yrs, Sophia has gone from only being able to speak a few inaudible words, to having a vast vocabulary and becoming more and more successful in her mainstream environment! One of our goals was to ensure she would not feel/seem any different than her peers who were not hearing impaired and that has been a true success thanks to everyone at the Integris Cochlear Implant Clinic. You have helped our daughter become more confident and less frustrated as she is now more able to verbalize her wants and needs. Her progress has truly been amazing! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and feel very blessed!

-The Lewis Family

patient2The pediatric hearing care we have received through the Cochlear Implant Clinic has been amazing. Our teenage son has different degrees of hearing loss in each ear and requires two different types of hearing aids. Dr. Over does a wonderful job of researching and choosing the best hearing aids to meet our son’s needs. She is always extremely helpful and makes sure his hearing aids are working optimally with his fm system for school. We are very grateful to have this amazing group of professionals to help us on our journey.

-Cindi M.

patient3Keller has been a patient of Dr. Kela’s since his initial diagnosis at 4.5 years old. We love Dr. Kela, Monica Lewis, Amy Arrington and the whole clinic. They go above and beyond in the care and service for our family. Dr. Kela doesn’t just look at the audiogram but she takes time to observe the whole child and speak with us about how he is progressing. Keller has moderate-severe bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, but that doesn’t hold him back.

He is in a regular classroom with his peers and he excels in academics and athletics. He participates in the Gifted and Talented program and earns all A’s. Keller plays guitar. He loves tackle football and basketball. A few years ago Keller met his hearing impaired pen pal, Kaitlin Inglesby. At the time Kaitlin was the starting pitcher in the Women’s College World Series for the Washington Huskies. ESPN Front Row with Holly Rowe interviewed Keller and it played during the softball WCWS. Keller is a very confident, kind and athletic kid. Hough Ear Hearing and Speech Center has helped him develop his confidence by providing excellent care and the options for the latest technology.

-Doug & Natalie Howard

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